Go Through Our Medical Missionary Training To Help Others
May 10-15, 2015


Our last medical missionary training program was from July 27-August 2, 2014. Please call us at 479-752-8555 or e-mail us at wellness.secrets@yahoo.com to gain more details about our next program.

Here was our 2014 flier:

Introduction to Herbalism

We are going to have a special emphasis on herbs during this medical missionary training program. See pictures of our past Herbalism I and Herbalism II classes.

3ABN Testimony


Andy and Sara Martinez talked about their mission work in Panama on 3ABN. On air, they said Wellness Secrets’ medical missionary training program aided their work.
Last year, we completed a three week LIGHT medical missionary training course, which lasted from August 21st to September 9th.

More Testimonies


Mrs. Pat Humphrey gave her testimonial of her experience. She previously went through our 5 day live in program and then wrote an article about us for the Southwestern Union Record.
Please listen to her short, four minute testimonial:

Also, Pastor Hoover shared his experience during LIGHT:

The Principles of Medical Missionary Work


Watch Sheri Trueblood, the director of Wellness Secrets, explain the principles of medical missionary work.

Past Medical Missionary Training

This was our medical missionary schedule below for 2013. Please click on it to enlarge it.