Links to lifestyle centers and other health related websites:

Disclaimer: The natural health links posted here do not necessarily reflect the view of Wellness Secrets.

Natural Remedies Encyclopedia
Information on natural remedies to all sorts of health issues.

Vibrant Life
A magazine dedicated to taking a natural approach to health and wellness.

Newstart Lifestyle Club
Based on the world-famous NEWSTART® principles that have helped millions live well naturally without the use of drugs.

Weimar Center of Health & Education
Located in Weimar, California, Weimar has a long history of offering excellent 18 day lifestyle programs.

Uchee Pines
For years, the name Uchee Pines has been synonymous with good health. They also feature an 18 day lifestyle program in Seale, Alabama.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital
They offer an 11 day lifestyle program in Wildwood, GA.

MEET Ministry
Meet Ministry offers an 18 lifestyle program in Huntingdon, TN.

God’s Way to Health
This website features information about health and wellness, raw food training, chef training, natural remedies, health classes, and vegan and raw food cooking classes.