This 5 minute video describes our short & affordable 5 day live in program:
This video describes in more detail our vegetarian cooking classes during our five day live-in program:

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Experience a Wonderful Health Retreat in Arkansas

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This is a view of Wellness Secrets' land. If you've ever wondered how can i get well, then our 5 day day live-in program at our lifestyle center is the place for you!

Sound Lifestyle Principles Are Taught

In just five days you can be well on your way to reversing diabetes or heart disease, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, losing weight, managing stress, stopping smoking, boosting your immune system, and much more naturally. No “magic pills”, gimmicks, or health fads are involved, simply sound lifestyle principles that have been proven to work. All that is needed is your commitment to following our time tested lifestyle program.

Our Live In Program Is Very Educational

Our live in program is educational and very practical in nature. We have daily health lectures, one-on-one consultations with our nurse and vegan chief, and hands on vegan cooking classes. This enables our health guests to implement a better lifestyle as a habit when they return home.

Natural Remedies Are Used

Hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise are also an integral part of our program. Hydrotherapy, water treatments, that are done at Wellness Secrets include whirl pool baths, steam baths, hot packs, multi-head shower, and other therapeutic treatments greatly benefit various ailments. Relaxing Swedish massage or deep tissue massage helps to relieve aches and pains and increase mobility. Exercise has proven to be the best and affordable miracle cures for heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc. Guests enjoy the fresh clean air and beautiful scenery while taking advantage of our walking trail. We also have the option of in-door exercise equipment when the weather is not inviting.

Wellness Secrets seeks to help the whole man physically as well as mentally and spiritually. We have lectures that deal with successful stress management strategies and how to effectively overcome depression. We start and end the day with positive, uplifting devotions that guests can choose to attend, they are geared towards knowing God, the Great Physician, better. Populations that trust in God have been proven to experience vibrant health and longevity.

Our Live In Program is Worth The Investment

Your health is worth the investment of this affordable five day live in program. Come and experience the a health care plan that really works.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 479-752-8555!

This is one of the guest houses where people can stay during our 5 day live in lifestyle program.
Guest House